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Driving your compete strategy

Intelligence-led marketing
insights that move the dial

Many small to mid-size companies have neither the expertise nor budget to formalise a full competitive intelligence (CI) program and therefore operate independently of the insight required to grow market share. Leevr not only allows you to collect those insights, but it also provides guidance into which lever you should pull to make the biggest impact vs your competition.

Vision & Mission

To make competitive intelligence actionable for small to mid-size companies globally with AI-led actions designed to move the dial.

Strategic Insights

Use our AI-led insights engine to understand how you action the data to move the dial consistently.

Digital Success

Competing online requires hours of analysis, data and direction. Leevr can guide your decision making to succeed online.

Working Strategies

Real-time options to improve your customer acquisition opportunities across sales and marketing.

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Intelligence analysis &
features that drive business growth

Our guided onboarding and ongoing freemium model allows for the smallest of businesses
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